Cancelled Tour Dates Got Us Thinking We Jumped The Gun

From Lockdown To Live Shows and Tours

It has been over a year since the pandemic turned our lives upside down and stopped tours and albums in their tracks. After doing so much to fight the virus and gaining lockdown weight in the process, the latest news on the delta variant has us taking two steps back.

Many acts that have been waiting to release albums and make money touring have recently had to cancel their already postponed plans. Yes, concerts are still back, but we may have been a little too eager for some acts who would be traveling to different cities every day.

It is still safe to go to concerts if you have the vaccination, but here are some of the events we will unfortunately miss out on because of COVID.

Rage Against the Machine & Run the Jewels

Rage Against the Machine and Run the Jewels had a PSA for concertgoers on April 8: Their Public Service Announcement Tour has been postponed until next spring.


Halsey officially called off her long-postponed Manic World Tour on Jan. 24. “Safety is the priority. I wish things were different,” the singer said in her announcement. Plans for her tour were first announced before the pandemic and in that time she released 3 EPs.

Harry Styles

The pop star released an updated schedule of his North American “Love on Tour” last month. Although he plans on still touring, the British singer canceled concerts set for Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal this year.

Silk Sonic

Even with having a booming beginning of the year with their first single ever. The duo Silk Sonic has decided to hold off on the entire project until 2022. The talented collective of Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars did not want to force such a special album. Bruno was quoted in a Rollingstone interview about their thought process.

“We need to light up a stage, but the fear of God in anyone performing before us or after us. And also bring so much joy to the people we’re in front of and the people listening. Especially in times like the time we’re in right now. For me? I know I wasn’t listening to any depressing music. We’re already in a weird spot — so to try to get in there? No!”



K-pop superstars, BTS, were to have begun the concert tour in April 2020, and until now had only postponed it in the hope of saving 39 dates for later on. But now because of the delta variant, the band’s label announced last Friday its official cancellation Map of The Soul Tour.

Burning Man

Burning Man was canceled for 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and instead plans to return in 2022, the organization announced on April 27. 

If things start to go downhill with the virus, expect a lot more to change in the music world. The best thing to do now is get vaccinated and be cautious when we go see our favorite artists live again. For updates on more tour dates and upcoming acts be sure to check out our MusicDaily OnStage.


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