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Lorde is Working on Her Fourth Album

Lorde is already working on the follow-up to her 2021 album Solar Power. Recently, while speaking with Ensemble magazine, she revealed that she doesn’t want to wait four years to release a new album this time.

Lorde Always Tries to Make Her Music Perfect

The New Zealand star is well-known for letting her music follow the “quality over quantity” saying. Ever since she released her debut album Pure Heroine in 2013, all of the albums that followed came to see the light four years after their predecessor. Melodrama came out in 2017, and her most recent LP, Solar Power, was released in 2021. 

So, up until now, Lorde has followed the same routine when it comes to releasing new music. No singles in between albums, just albums every four years. Maybe that’s why her fanbase gets so excited when they see news about new music from the singer- they know that she’s always going to deliver excellent music, because she’s been working on it for so long to make it as perfect as possible.

Maybe We Won’t Have to Wait Four Years This Time

But things might be different when her fourth album arrives. While speaking with Ensemble magazine a few weeks ago, she revealed that she’s already working on new music. This time, she doesn’t want to wait another four years (or until 2025.)

“It has taken me quite a while [to start working on it],” she told Ensemble magazine. “I mean, I do just take a long time… I do a lot of research, I write a lot down. Sort of a big chunk of work before I actually start writing music. So yeah, that’s been a really big part of it. It’s been super exciting and I feel excited about what’s coming.”

She continued, addressing the wait time for her past albums. “You know, it’s my intention, it’s always my intention, to move as quickly as I can and then that ends up taking different forms. But this one, I really am trying to. I don’t want to wait, you know, so take from that what you will.” 

Will we hear the album this year? Only time will tell. “Anything could happen. Let’s see!” she added.

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