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KAYAM Takes A Journey on The Ethereal “Omens”

Indie folk duo KAYAM sets off on an ethereal, psychedelic journey of self-discovery on their sophomore album, Omens.  

The duo, which consists of siblings Kim and Mike Rauss, features a huge range of creative influences, to the point that they affectionately refer to their wide-ranging sound as “Falafel Pop,” not only a reference to the fusion of styles that defines their music, but also a tribute to one of their favorite foods: chickpeas!

From the intimacy of folk to indie-pop, organic sounds, and alternative, KAYAM’s sound fosters a lot of nuances and originality rooted in their multicultural upbringing in places like England, Germany, and Israel.

Omens is no exception from the purposely organic and otherworldly sound KAYAM continuously perfects. The 11-track experience showcases their distinct layering of beautiful vocals while showcasing Kim’s Celtic harp and Mike’s guitar mastery.

Track-by-Track Review of Omens by KAYAM

KAYAM always embrace new creative challenges that take their music to a more personal dimension. From the edge of alternative music to the melodies of alt-pop, the duo splice up eclectic influences into a cohesive and one-of-a-kind sound.

Indie folk duo KAYAM sets off on a ethereal, psychedelic journey of self-discovery on their sophomore album, Omens.  
KAYAM ((Photographed by Camilla Berrio)

The album’s groundbreaking lead single, “Omens,” is an achievement of this melding. Although it’s a pristine sound, feathered with lush acoustic guitars, gentle harps, and soothing vocals, you can hear the Sufjan Stevens and Elliott Smith influence.

“Mike’s Trip to the Desert” has a different vibe, with a psychedelic touch and some dreamy soundscapes that make the formula all the more haunting and mesmerizing. In addition, “Lately” brings back some of the more intimate tones and some electronic experimentation to the mix.

“Let’s go for a walk” strikes with articulate acoustic arpeggios and ambient tones, but it still touches the heart. “11 Days” brings some field recordings that add that organic flare to Omens, offering a more spontaneous flow.

“A Dreamt Up Moment” recycles lush acoustic tones in an intricate layering of arpeggios, capturing a stunning, cinematic atmosphere.

“Bloom” stands against the grain, given its distinctive rhythm using the guitar as a percussive instrument. However, the abundant vocal layers and stringed instruments of “Atlas” is a show-stopper, creating a transcendent, dream-like, and otherworldly experience.

“Personal Song,” is energetic and edgy yet extremely nuanced, which encapsulates KAYAM’s niche production inspiration. Last but not least, “Kim’s Fairy Memory” is another beautiful acoustic interlude with melancholic Harp arpeggios and a dreamy atmosphere.

What do you think of the indie folk duo KAYAM and their sophomore album, Omens? Let us know in the comments! Listen to the Omens album below.

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