Lorde Goes Blonde For “Mood Ring” Music Video

Global star Lorde released “Mood Ring,” the last single off her third album Solar Power, which just came out last Friday.

Lorde Had Some Friends Joining Her on “Mood Ring”

“Mood Ring” arrives just at the heels of the album’s title track “Solar Power” and “Stoned at the Nail Salon.” So far, Lorde has been showing us how much growing she has done in the past four years since her sophomore album Melodrama. The last two singles were definitely surprising as they marked the star’s return to music; but “Mood Ring” shows a very different side of her.

When you listen to “Mood Ring,” you might wonder why Lorde’s vocal tone sounds dissimilar to what she usually sounds like. The answer is – she got her friends Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo, James Milne Walsh & Marlon Williams to join her on the background vocals. The result? An angelic yet soothing tune.

A Satirical Yet Soothing Song

The song’s lyrics match its musical vibe. Lorde satirically sings about the ways in which people try to stay emotionally and spiritually connected to themselves and the world. “Ladies, begin your sun salutations. Transcendental in your meditations. You can burn sage, and I’ll cleanse the crystals. We can get high, but only if the wind blows…I can’t feel a thing. I keep looking at my mood ring. Tell me how I’m feeling. Floating away, floating away.”

On the music video for the song, Lorde surprised fans by going fully blonde; matching perfectly with her soothing green outfit. She dances along with her friends while relaxing in a spa, making us all want to go to one ASAP.

On Apple Music, Lorde shared more details about her inspiration for “Mood Ring”. “It’s full satire, inhabiting a person who’s feeling really lost and disconnected in the modern world and is trying to feel well, however she can. I felt like so many people would be able to relate to that. It was funny and gnarly to write. The melodies and the production were a great blend of that early-2000s sound and then that kind of Age of Aquarius energy. They both very much had to be present on this song.”

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