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BTS Exhibition in Los Angeles.

BTS announces exhibition for their 10-year anniversary in Los Angeles.

ARMY, gear up your lightsticks! On April 11, Hybe Entertainment announced that BTS is opening an exhibition for their album, Proof, in Los Angeles.

This exhibition will be opened to commemorate the group’s 10-year anniversary. It will take over the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and remain open from May 9-11, so ARMY will have access to never-seen-before and limited-edition BTS merch.

The release on the website reads: “An immersive visual journey that explores the members’ past, present, and future through photographs, videos, and experiential installations in a multi-room walkthrough experience.” Attendees will be able to see a side of BTS that they have never shown before.

Fans have registered on the website until April 17 for a lucky chance to purchase tickets, since the ones who will receive the unique access code will be able to get access to the special presale before tickets are released to the general public.

But where is BTS right now? Well, members J-Hope and Jin are currently serving their military duty. Jimin released his solo album, FACE, in March, and Suga, named Agust D as a soloist, released his second solo album DDAY on April 21. Jungkook is sponsoring Calvin Klein, Rap Monster (Namjoon) is with Bottega Veneta, and V (Taehyung) is with the modeling company Celine. Jimin has also become an ambassador to Tiffany.

Since BTS announced their hiatus, ARMY has supported them every single step of the way. They have flooded their social media with messages of encouragement.

BTS film out
Credit: BTS promoting Japanese single “Film Out”
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