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Zāna Zora Invents Captivating Genre: Gypsy Pop

Introducing Rising Music Star Zāna Zora

Zāna Zora in her Instagram post (@zanazora)

Zāna Zora is a singer and songwriter who is no stranger to the music scene. With songs dating back to 2014, it’s a wonder how Zāna hasn’t received the acclaim she rightfully deserves. Take a walk through the seasons in her discography, from her first EP, This Is Autumn to For Winter followed by Every Spring and finishing off with her upcoming Feeling Summer. It’s a remarkable experience to listen to her growth from one EP to the next, all while maintaining her own sound.

Speaking of, Zora is best known for her unique approach to music. She’s created her own style, intertwining melodies from genres that incorporate her Arabic and Balkan heritage whilst maintaining a Latin/R&B twist. With this in mind, all of these sounds come together as Zāna’s very own genre, which she calls “gypsy pop.”

The Oakland, California singer-songwriter is a multifaceted artist with talent that extends beyond the scope of vocals. Paired with her ability to play multiple instruments, Zāna is a dynamic artist that proudly showcases her culture in her artistry. Don’t be surprised if you hear unique sounds in her songs – that would be traditional instruments like the darbuka, riq, and/or sājāt.

Overall, Zāna Zora’s an artist to be on the lookout for. With over 80,000 followers on Instagram and counting, she is on the rise to something great.

Zāna’s Latest “Summertime Rebel” and “Dancing Slow”

Despite remaining relatively lowkey in the music scene, Zāna Zora’s talent exceeds many other rising stars. With her soulful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and unique sound, she is sure to impress anyone who gives her a listen. Pull any song from her discography. I guarantee it will showcase the irrefutable artistry Zāna has that the industry is currently lacking. Her jazzy influence accompanied by the distinctive combination of American and Balkan/Arabic culture makes for some special tunes. It’s a step into uncharted territory and makes for an exciting listening experience for fans.

Credit: Zāna Zora in her official music video for “Don’t Wanna Know” off her EP, For Winter

Zāna’s latest releases came in 2022 in the form of two singles: “Summertime Rebel” and “Dancing Slow.” Both are gritty, sensual songs that hypnotize listeners with lulling vocals and a beat that beckons you to dance. Moreover, “Summertime Rebel’s” name is fitting in more ways than one. The song is reminiscent of summers filled with secrets and late-night rendezvous with guys we know all too well we should stay away from. Similarly, “Dancing Slo”‘ embodies the exhilaration of night club dances with strangers. Both singles are sticky sweet songs that we’ll be adding to all of our summer playlists for 2023.

You can check out the music video for Zāna’s song “Summertime Rebel” down below, and stream it here.

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