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Dayglow and His “Second Nature”

Dayglow is back at it again! And this time he’s adding onto the hype for his upcoming album: “People in Motion.” Now having released ANOTHER single in anticipation for the LP, “Second Nature” is really cementing the vibe as “big fun.” So without further ado, let’s get into it. 


Dayglow and His Second Nature: 

Now, this one’s a bit of an interesting song. It’s like “Deep End” with more energy, and I’ve got a little bit of an issue with that. If we go ahead and look at feelings this song evokes, then it’s a 10/10. Dayglow has a really easy way of pulling out that happy-go-lucky nature in people. As for the actual composition, then it’s a bit samey. Which makes it difficult for me to find any reason for why, sonically, this had to exist as a separate song. Which leads perfectly into the thing that justifies its existence: the lyrics.

So what about ‘em? This one’s all about how important music is to Dayglow. From being a beacon of expression to an aid in navigating the turbulent journey known as “life.” It’s a coping mechanism and a catharsis. While that is often attributed with negative origins, the results couldn’t be any more “glad to be here.” 

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