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Les Imprimés Dreamy New Drops.

Les Imprimés, also known as Morten Martens, has just dropped his new singles “Still Here” and “You.” This new up-and-coming artist has officially released his 7th studio single after being signed with Big Crown Records. These select singles are building to the Martens’ first studio album RÊVERIE coming out on August 11th! You can preorder the vinyl and album HERE from Big Crown Records. Not only that but Les Imprimés will also be announcing his tour dates and location, so pay special attention to that announcement.

Les Imprimés dreamy background for new album dropping

Who is Les Imprimés?

As I mentioned previously, Les Imprimés is a one-man band by the name of Morten Martens. It’s likely that you’ve never heard of him or his label before. With a relatively slim following on his social media platforms and his music only being released as of 2023, it’s no surprise that this man is considered an underground artist. However, the more digging one does into his low-profile life and musical background, the more obvious it is that he won’t be unknown for long.

I supposed the best way to describe Les Imprimés was done by his own record company, who states…

The first thing you notice listening to Les Imprimés is the high level of musicianship. Martens plays nearly every instrument on the recordings and handles the production and arranging. He has been producing and making music for decades. His 2006 Spellemann award for producing a Hip Hop album (aka, the Norwegian Grammy) as well as three other nominations across multiple genres speak volumes to his talent.

Big Crown Records Article for Les Imprimés

Hearing it from the man himself, Martens says this in the article:

“it wasn’t until COVID, when things locked down, that I was really able to find the time to focus on Les Imprimés” Morten says about creating and leading his own solo project. “It was a scary time. But I knew I had to do something with it.” He took the sum of his influences, combined them with his own vibe and got busy writing the music, playing the instruments, and singing the songs. “It’s soul music, but I don’t exactly have the soul voice,” Morten explains humbly. “But I do it my own way, in a way that’s mine.” 

Quote from Morten Martens in Big Crown Records Article
Vinyl for Les Imprimés Dreamy New Drops.
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