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LE SSERAFIM Makes it Look “EASY”

LE SSERAFIM has made their return with the mini album EASY. Their name comes from an anagram of the words “I’M FEARLESS.” The project was released on February 19 with a music video for the title track of the same name. This comes after their announcement of making the Coachella 2024 lineup as one of the three K-pop groups performing. They are performing alongside K-pop groups ATEEZ and The Rose.

Courtesy of Source Music / HYBE Labels


The title track is a cute, chill song that discusses the anxiety LE SSERAFIM faces. It shows how on the surface level, they make it look easy or natural to the fans, FIMMIES. K-pop tends to stray away from hard-hitting topics, and this group is defying the norms. Within 24 hours, the music video reached over ten million views, proving the dominance LE SSERAFIM has on the industry.

“EASY” is a calm song with hard-hitting choreography. The production is a flute sound against a soft bass. However, it’s lackluster compared to their previous title tracks. The song is listenable and has catchy sections, but doesn’t feel title-track-worthy. Their B-sides were better on this album and “Swan Song” or “Smarter” should have been the main promotion. The message is important and deserves to be spread worldwide, the song just needs an extra something to send it over the edge.

The music video for “EASY” was filmed in a church, as well as other aesthetically pleasing locations, and showcased their hardest choreography to date. YUNJIN, one of the members, has gold tears wiped down her face as EUNCHAE wipes it away in a beautiful white gown. Visually, it’s one of the best videos released, but it feels a little over the top for such a calm song. Along with the release, the girls are facing backlash for recording in a church. People on the internet are saying it is disrespectful to religions and it should be removed or refilmed entirely. They dance in the church for a bunch of scenes in very pretty outfits, which is the main problem for the internet.

EASY Album Review

The B-sides saved the album with catchy and impressive tunes. This isn’t their best album, but it is a great album. FEARLESS and ANTIFRAGILE are masterpieces, so going into this project, there were big shoes to fill. “Swan Song” is a stand-out track that is similar to “Impurities,” one of my personal favorite songs by LE SSERAFIM. It is an R&B track that showcases the members’ vocal ability with a silky smooth tone. It continues the story of anxiety but in regards to self-doubt and trying to be better than before. Two of the members, SAKURA and CHAEWON, debuted originally in a 12-member group called IZ*ONE. The group had a song called “Secret Story of the Swan,” so “Swan Song” felt like a nod to the title and might hint at re-debuting. Also, it could be a nod to KAZUHA, who classically trained in ballet and is called “the swan of the group.”

“Smart” is another favorite. It’s an Afrobeat track that sounds like a mashup of Tyla’s “Water” and “Woman” by Doja Cat. The song describes the members as being at the top. They may come across as mean, but they are just villains. It ties back into their previous title track, “UNFORFIVEN,” where they deem themselves as villains not to mess with. It is catchy and sounds title-track-worthy. The only complaint is in the choreography. They shake their butts a lot and do a lot of risqué moves, which is a little off-putting because of EUNCHAE. EUNCHAE is a minor who just turned 17 back in November. The choreography is amazing for “Smart,” but HYBE should have made an alternative that is more age-appropriate for EUNCHAE.

Courtesy of Source Music / HYBE Labels

Overall Review

Overall, LE SSERAFIM does not disappoint, but there can be improvements for future comebacks. The title track is so important and sets the tone of the rest of the album. The underlying theme of EASY is amazing and defies the standards of K-pop not being able to cover sensitive topics. This does not mean that the song can’t be a little more catchy altogether. On April 13th and 20th, check out their first major performance at Coachella where they will show the world how much of a performance group they are.

To learn more about the group before they hit the iconic festival stage, check out the piece where we discuss the concept and music of LE SSERAFIM. Also, check out their music below on Spotify.

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