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Lauren Spencer-Smith Shares Heartbreaking “Flowers”

Rising pop artist Lauren Spencer-Smith released her new single “Flowers,” the follow-up to global hit “Fingers Crossed.”

Lauren Has Taken Over the World in The Last Few Months

In the last couple of months, Lauren has taken over the world with the success of her single “Fingers Crossed.” Now, the singer is back with her new song “Flowers,” which is just as heartbreaking.

By now, we know that Lauren is not afraid of the world getting to know her most personal feelings and anecdotes. On Flowers, she explains how there was a time when her boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) was ashamed of seeing a future with her and talking about it with other people. 

She Hopes to Help People With “Flowers”

“Took me over to your house to meet your family. Introduced me to them sayin’ that you’d marry me. Then you’d look me in the eye and say, “It’s just a joke.” Then you’d kiss me and I’d smile, did you even know?….I guess that flowers aren’t just used for big apologies. I guess I should’ve been more conscious how you spoke to me. ‘Cause when we’d fight, you give me space and not communicate. And for a while, I thought that’s what I should appreciate,” Lauren sings.

As we can see, it’s a pretty painful song, and we can all relate to it. About the track, Lauren explains, “‘Flowers’ is about looking at a past experience and knowing I deserved more. I want people to be able to contemplate their own situations, and learn from them and heal if they need to. You aren’t alone and it gets better.” We hope that her message can help people who are going through something like this! 

After the release of “Flowers,” Lauren recently announced that she’s going to be playing her first-ever headlining shows this June. The exclusive tour will consist of 3 stops in Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto on June 7, 28, and 30, respectively. To find more information and tickets to her shows, click here. 

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