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Lauren Spencer Smith Announces Tour Dates

Lauren Spencer Smith flowers

At only 18 years old, singer-songwriter Lauren Spencer Smith is headlining her own tour across North America. The singer will be on the road from August 11th through September 3rd. The tour kicks off in San Francisco, California on August 11th. She will return to her hometown in Vancouver for a show on August 13th. In addition, Lauren will stop in BC, Toronto, New York, Cambridge, Dallas and more. Tickets are available and selling fast! To buy tickets click here


Facts About Lauren Spencer Smith

To point out, Smith was born in England but has spent most of her life in Canada. She’s had a passion for singing since the age of three. And her family moved to Canada when she was six years old. Ever since Lauren has been grinding to make her dreams come true. She has appeared on American Idol and reached the Top 20 and released an album in 2019. 

How Lauren Became A Viral Sensation 

But similar to other artists, TikTok is what catapulted Lauren’s music career. She consistently posted her music on the platform, and eventually a video of her singing her original song “Fingers Crossed” caught fire. The vulnerability and relatability of the track was special. Fans felt the lyrics in their soul, and eagerly waited for the track to drop so they could belt it in the car. 

The single became a viral sensation hitting No. 1 on the Apple Music Global Chart, No.1 on Spotify’s Canada and UK Charts, and Top 10 on the Global Spotify Chart.

New Music From Lauren Spencer Smith

Furthermore, Lauren announced her new single “Narcissist,” which was released July 29th right before her tour starts. The record will be a pop ballad that utilizes Laurens talented songwriting and powerhouse vocals. She is able to craft heartbreak and stories about love into beautiful art that touches so many people. We are excited for what comes next for Lauren!


Lauren Spencer-Smith Shares Heartbreaking “Flowers”

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