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Lauren Jauregui Sings From The Heart On “Always Love”

Singer-songwriter Lauren Jauregui released her first solo single in nearly a year, “Always Love.”

Lauren Jauregui Is Back After One Year

Lauren, we’ve missed you! Last year, the music star released her debut solo project PRELUDE – a seven song mini album that included tracks like “Colors” and “Scattered” featuring VIC MENSA. In September, she joined forces with Snow Tha Product for “Piña.” But now, she’s back with the first taste of new solo music, and she’s making sure to bring us all to tears. 

“Always Love” is a painful ballad that talks about a broken relationship in which both partners still love each other, yet they decide that parting ways is the best decision for them. “And even though we didn’t work / It’s always love, always love / And even though we hurt each other more than once / It was love, always love,” Jauregui sings in the chorus.

The Song Details Her Relationship With Ty Dolla $ign

As you might know, Lauren Jauregui had a serious relationship with rapper Ty Dolla $ign for a few years. Unfortunately, they broke up last year, and this song is actually dedicated to him. She tells PEOPLE, 

“I was feeling the feelings of complexity that are getting out of a relationship that you still want to be in and wish could work, but just wasn’t working for you anymore…I, still to this day, have a lot of love and respect for him and what we had together.”

Although now some time has passed since the two parted ways, Jauregui holds strong emotions for this song. She wanted to release the song as soon as it was ready last year. However, her label would not allow her to do so. So, we’re happy she was finally able to share it with the world!

“‘Always Love’ is a ballad from my soul,” Lauren Jauregui shares in a statement.

“I wrote it after a profound breakup in my life; it was my way of processing the complex emotion that I felt when I knew that I was no longer supposed to be with this person but I truly loved them so much. It was a reflection on the beautiful and not-so-beautiful parts that made our story what it was and a reminder to them and myself that even though it didn’t work, it’s always love.”

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