Lauren Jauregui Talks About Inner Struggles with “Scattered”

Lauren Jauregui opens up about struggles with mental health in her new track “Scattered” featuring rapper, Vic Mensa released on October 15.

Lauren Jauregui Talks about Inner Struggles

Former member of Fifth Harmony, Jauregui did not disappoint her fans with “Scattered.” In fact, fans are impressed with her creations. They are proud of her for making the music she wants to put out there and not changing herself. “Scattered” puts no filter on internal struggles. She is singing about how she doesn’t feel like herself lately and thinks that’s a sign of needing help. Therefore, her mind is consuming all of these dark thoughts creating a negative impact on her mental health. For example, “Tear-stained face, I can’t face these demons all alone, they don’t like me. All night, they stay and eat like they talk and they write in thunder and lightening.”

Vic Mensa’s Feature

Not only does Lauren Jauregui talk about inner struggles in “Scattered,” Vic Mensa reveals his dark side as well. In fact, his solo implies that many of these spoken feelings may or may not be the result of a breakup. Jauregui mentioned a broken heart in the first verse and Mensa rapped about relating to his girl for having trust issues. His girl is presumably Jauregui’s narration for the role of this song. For example, “My girl says I got trust issues, honestly I f*ck with you,” he raps in his verse. That is when the song introduces mental health from a whole new perspective. He raps about the difficulties of opening up in a relationship, even when one feels they want to. Sometimes emotional baggage gets in the way of someone feeling comfortable enough to talk about their struggles. The risk of vulnerability is what’s holding him back from opening up to her.


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