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Introducing: “Spread Thin” Singer, Mariah The Scientist

The singer behind the viral “Spread Thin” challenge on Tiktok is Mariah Amani Buckles, or, Mariah the Scientist.

From Biology Major To Musician 

Drawing inspiration from the greats like Frank Ocean and Lauryn Hill, singer-songwriter Mariah the Scientist crafts her own kind of genius. The young 25-year-old musician derives her stage name from her passion for science. She was a Biology major at St. John’s University in New York, in the hope of becoming a pediatric anesthesiologist.

Suddenly, Mariah’s life took a turning point, when she suffered a tumultuous heartbreak. She poured her sorrows into music, releasing her debut EP, To Die For in 2018. Mariah the Scientist’s newfound love for writing and creating music gave her a change of heart. As a result, the “Beetlejuice” singer decided to drop out of college in 2018 to pursue a music career. 

Mariah The Scientist’s Songwriting And Style

Experimenting with alternative and R&B/soul music, Mariah’s velvety and warm vocal tone weaves seamlessly into her psychedelic instrumentals. Further, her music is like a floating device, with tracks such as “Brain,” “Revenge,” “7am,” and “All For Me,” ascending you into the clouds. Mariah’s music has a timeless feel that is way ahead of its time. Specifically, the influence of singers Frank Ocean and SZA can be heard in her music.

Further, Mariah the Scientist takes an unconventional approach to modern R&B with her lyricism. Her poetic songwriting uses metaphors, similes, imagery, etc. to convey her emotions. Revenge, self sabotage, love and heartbreak are some of the topics the singer-songwriter touches on. Her music bravely welcomes us into her world, and the singer has left the doors wide open. 

Her latest work Buckles Laboratories Presents: The Intermission, is a four track EP, which released in March 2022. The tracklist includes “Church,” “Spread Thin,” “Only Human,” and “Boys Don’t Cry.” Although fans loved the project, it took awhile for the rest of the world to catch on to this masterpiece. 

“Spread Thin” TikTok Trend 

Eventually, in September 2022, a sped-up audio of “Spread Thin” by Mariah the Scientist, began circulating on the popular social media app, TikTok. The “Spread Thin” trend consists of influencers of the platform narrating their past year. From love stories, to heartbreaks and traumatic events, these vulnerable videos were rapidly catching fire. With that, curiosity about the singer behind this “Spread Thin” song grew.


@simply.chelseaaa💔♬ spread thin – kaylaa🫣

Notably, the stunning R&B ballad is written entirely by Mariah Buckles. In “Spread Thin” Mariah comes to the realization, she has to release her selfish and dishonest lover. “Baby, you’re the reason / You always think the only one who needs any attention is you / Don’t be so conceited / Hope you learned honesty was the only thing that could keep me from leaving,” she sings in the chorus. This person is untrustworthy and for this reason, Mariah has no choice but to leave them. “That’s what spreading thin on us do / Hate to see you lose control,” she sings. 

Then, in the metaphorical second verse, Mariah wonders how she didn’t pick up on any warning signs or red flags from this person. “Now I’m left to wonder, how I let this go under / How I could watch it rain for so long and ain’t hear no thunder,” she writes in “Spread Thin.” The couple cannot salvage their plans and dreams because Mariah’s lover is not who she thought they were. “Just get further with frontin’ and if Hollywood is home now / It’s just a house that is haunted,” she expresses. They have completely changed on Mariah, and now Hollywood will just remind her of a love lost. 

Newest Release, “Bout Mine”

Perhaps, Mariah is still stuck on this person. She writes about a love interest whom she has parted ways from, but still has feelings for, in her latest cut, “Bout Mine.” The Atlanta native surprises her fans just a day after her 25th birthday on October 28th, with a new single. The cutthroat track “Bout Mine” proves Mariah will go to great lengths for someone she loves. “Oh-oh, I, I-I said I want you bad / Hope everybody in here knows that I / Won’t hesitate to crash,” she sings in the chorus.

The “Reminders” singer confidently writes, Higher than most, I’m lifted / Keep it on me, no need in pretendin’,” “it” likely referring to a weapon. Although this person has their flaws and inconsistencies, they have stolen Mariah’s heart, so therefore she is willing to fight for them. Produced by WondaGurl and FORTHENIGHT, “Bout Mine” features rich vocals from the songstress.

Does this mean a new project is approaching from Mariah The Scientist? As of now, that is unknown. Stay updated with for the latest new music drops, news, concerts and more!

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