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Labrinth, Billie Eilish, and Finneas Release “Never Felt So Alone”

After months of teasing and two years of waiting, Labrinth has brought something truly special—collaborating with Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas a full release of his hit Euphoria song “Never Felt So Alone.” Let’s check out this hype track together! 

As aforementioned, an earlier version of this song has been released on Euphoria in 2021. The song then, while atmospheric and surreal in its own right, is definitely emptier and shorter than Labrinth’s newest version. With Finneas’ incredible arrangement and production and Billie’s angelic singing, the mix is much more alive in this version. The harmonies pop so well in this track, and there is rarely a dull moment in the track, despite being a down-tempo somber anthem. Billie and Labrinth’s complement each other extremely well in this track as well, supporting each other through infectious ad-libs and humming. 

While the first version of “Never Felt So Alone” barely had any lyrics at all, Labrinth has added an entire story into his track:

“In a whip (Woah), thinkin’, ‘What if (Woah) / 

You and this (Woah) never existed?’ / 

Hollow kiss (Woah), bottle liquor (Oh) / 

Man, I’m sick, man, I’m schizo” 

Check out Labrinth’s new music video for “Never Felt So Alone” here! 

Labrinth has been on a roll for the past decade, consistently topping the U.S and British Billboard charts and hosting numerous collaborations, including the supergroup LSD with Sia and Diplo. A master producer himself, he has not only risen to the spotlight from his work on Euphoria, but also producing albums for Beyonce, Kanye, and The Weeknd. Labrinth has been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards and recently won the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Television Soundtrack for Euphoria in 2020. 

Check out Labrinth’s future projects by clicking here! 

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