December 08, 2022

“La Loto” by TINI, Becky G & Anitta Passes The Vibe Check


Sinful and proud of it, TINI, Becky G, and Anitta release their infectious dance track “La Loto.” With an aura only achievable by a Hispanic woman, this song (and its music video) WILL be played at Miami Clubs this summer. Now, let’s dive in. 



It isn’t a surprise for club tracks like this are sexually charged. Lyrics revolving around dirty sex, sinning, and all the rest are basically the norm. The hurdle that every song like this needs to jump over is the vibe check. Basically, does the rhythm, bounce, and sex appeal of this song elevate beyond repetitivity? Let’s break it down shall we? 

The Vibe Check: 

Alright so as expected a modern reggaeton song like this will have a drum machine to keep rhythm. It also isn’t a surprise to have the vocals be heavily autotuned to have that sweet sweet radio play. What is surprising is to have three semi-distinct energies through the vocals. It isn’t as prominent as other songs in the dance genre. Songs where voices like those of Lil Jon will come in and instantly be recognizable and different from the rest. Meaning that the flow and presentation of such is pretty consistent throughout. That is, until Becky G. comes in. 

She really chews up her verse and stands out from the established flow from TINI and followed by Anitta. This isn’t to say that their verses are inferior, it’s to say that Becky G. provides something really different from what was being presented. Making the song “better than it already was.” 

Of course, there are references to my home, Miami. It’s the perfect spot for something like this to come on while you’re driving down Ocean Drive. It’s got just the right sex appeal that isn’t as intrusive as other songs within the English side of music. Or hell, even the other contemporaries. While it can blur into a playlist and not really stand out as a result, this one is definitely one for all the bad bitches in Miami this summer. 

That’s it for now. For the music video, click the image above. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.



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