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“Sick of Being Young”By Krooked Kings

Today, on this MD Discovery, we discuss Krooked Kings, an alternative indie band out of Utah, who just released their new song “Sick of Being Young.” With their ongoing 2023 tour, it’s a perfect time to check out this lovely band together!

Small Town Origins

Krooked Kings
@krookedkings On Instagram.”Live From New York”

With humble beginnings in 2018 with the feel-good single “Hesitation,” the small group slowly amassed a following through their basement concerts around Utah. Then, Krooked Kings released another single and an EP before hitting their big break in 2020. The the record label “Nobody Gets It” would sign them, truly putting their name into the indie rock scene. As of today, Krooked Kings has released over 11 singles, two EPs, and two album. Plus, they are teasing a new song that will be dropping soon!

Krooked King’s Tenderness And Love

Furthermore, Krooked Kings is defined by the tender atmosphere they feel. They perfectly create a world of hurt, love, and somber reflection in each of their songs. One of the biggest contributors to their vibe are the soothing vocals that touch the heart with throbbing meaning. For example, take the wistful “Bird Scooter,” an entrancing song with complex meanings about depression and bad habits:

“God, I gotta get far from here / Step outside to catch some air / ‘Cause ooh, I am flying / My vision is multiplying / I start to count my regrets / As I head towards the cement.” 

Notably, their guitar work is iconic. Most of the band’s guitar playing in their songs are high in register, leading to a dreamy, warbled vibe. 

Additionally, Krooked Kings doesn’t stray away from any topic. We’ve already seen how they tackle depression, but they also tackle topics such as global warming. Like in their recent track, “Carbon Monoxide” and generation divide in their latest drop “Sick of Being Young.”

“Sick of Being Young” once again perfectly encapsulates that nostalgic feeling of “the good ol’ days” as well as a sense of despair as one grows into adulthood. The fast plucking of the bass guitar definitely gives off that desperate tone and feeling like time is passing without your control. The lyrics further compounds this: 

“Well, I’m stuck in my ways / I’m biding my time / Is that such a crime?”

Check out the Krooked King’s “Sick of Being Young” below!

Moreover, Krooked Kings is a band that you cannot be sleeping on. With their simple yet stylish music, they have definitely earned a spot in your playlist.

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