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Cassie Marin Delivers “Every Time I See The Ocean”

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin is back with her new single, “Every Time I See The Ocean.” 

Cassie Shows Her Versatility on “Every Time I See The Ocean”

Following up on her 2021 Spanish track “Tanto,” Cassie is back with a song that gives us a totally different vibe. Infusing her harmonic electro-pop beats with unreal R&B vocals, “Every Time I See The Ocean” is an evocative and captivating listen. In the song, Cassie opens her heart to anyone who has ever felt misunderstood; while searching for acceptance.

“Every Time I See The Ocean” is an ode to Cassie’s upbringing near the beach. Expanding on this, she says, “I didn’t have anyone to play with as a child, but somehow the ocean had a presence so strong I forgot about my feelings of loneliness when I would swim in it. I remember daydreaming underwater and using my imagination in ways that felt so close to magic. I felt I metamorphosed in there. To this day I really do change drastically when I visit the ocean, it’s like taking a vitamin that induces me to refresh and be deeply honest with myself. This song is that to me, a dip into an underwater daydream.“

She Has A Forthcoming Album On The Way

The new song also arrives as the newest glimpse from Cassie’s forthcoming 2022 album. In the newest tracks that the singer has shared, Cassie takes a propulsive leap with her songwriting, opening up about her most private battles and innermost thoughts. She shares, “I started pursuing music as a career because of what music did and still does for me; it saves me every day,” she says. “I want my music to be there for anyone and everyone who needs it the way that music was there for me.”

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