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Kidd G Released New Single ‘Beautiful Thing’

Rising country artist Kidd G released his new single “Beautiful Thing.” The song is dedicated to the beauty of small towns.

Cool breeze coming through a screen door / Wind chimes ringing on the front porch / First time picking up a six string / Tryna learn the words to Springsteen / 6 lb. on a zebco 30 / Hometown girl in a home team Jersey / Something like that’ll make you think / Ain’t that a beautiful thing,” goes the chorus. Odes to small towns are a common motif in the lyrics of modern-day country artists. Kidd G now joins the pack with his latest track.

“Beautiful Thing” is off of Kidd G’s upcoming EP, If We Were A Love Song, coming out on December 8th. Check out the official music video for the new single below.

The teenage singer-songwriter is prolific. He released two EPs this year, a live EP last year, an album and its deluxe edition in 2021, his first EP and album in 2020, and a constant stream of singles throughout each year since his debut. He is clearly a hard worker in the studio. Selling out on his current tour indicates that he is a hard worker on stage, as well.

His success is well-earned, though it may appear very sudden to those not paying close attention.

Kidd G In Conversation

In a profile for The New York Times, he talked about his sudden rise to fame.

“I don’t want to try to make myself something that I’m not. I came from making, like, these sad rap songs, but I genuinely grew up out in the country. So like, I’m not trying to prove myself to nobody.”

Initially, Kidd G was more into rapping over beats. But after he was signed, he shifted more into country rap. He discussed the genre change in the same interview.

“At that time, the sound that I’m doing now wasn’t even an idea. I wondered, If I did make a country song, how would it go?”

It would go well, judging by the charts. According to the press release for “Beautiful Thing,” Kidd G “hit the Billboard country charts just a few months after his 17th birthday.”

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