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Kelsea Ballerini and Kenny Chesney Connect Over Hometown Love

If Kelsea Ballerini ends up known for anything, it should be her sentimentality. Sure, she’s a warm-toned country singer with a heart of gold. She’s also a critically acclaimed, award-winning musician whose big personality and youthful antics make her even more lovable. The way she makes nostalgia appealing, though, is surely her greatest strength. 


Kelsea Ballerini Shows Appreciation for Tennessee

Kelsea Ballerini has been on the music scene for about seven years now. However, being a performer and adoring music has been in her life for as long as she can remember. This is quite similar to the likes of Kenny Chesney. The country legend has more hits under his belt than most after thirty-somethign years in the industry. Yet, he still reflects on his rise to fame. 


Both of these artists have larger than life careers, soul-stirring stories, and dedication to meaningful art. Unsurprisingly, they’re from the same town. 


Yes, Kelsea Ballerini and Kenny Chesney consider their hometown to be Knoxville, Tennessee. Tennessee is known for being quite the hub for singers and songwriters, but especially Nashville. Knoxville is an underrated music town in the United States, though, so Ballerini and Chesney decided to pay homage to it. It’s culture means a lot to them, their inner circle, and the world at large. Without Knoxville, would we have the magical works of either of these stars? We don’t want to think about it


Because of this, the two country icons collaborated on “Half Of My Hometown.” Together,  they croon in a twangy, soulful, country pop way about their roots. It originally came out in April as a single. The pair wanted to give it a music video, though, furthering their appreciaiton for Knoxville. Therefore, they released a music video for “Half Of My Hometown,” referencing and highlighting the power of a little country community and a whole lot of heart. 


Finding A Home On “Half Of My Hometown” 

This song is slowly but surely rising on the charts and has used the last month to take radio by storm. Everybody who hears this song feels the air of nostalgia, but can’t help but sing along to the lyrics. With a folk music edge, Ballerini dives headfirst into telling the story of growing in and out of herhome. 


Like Chesney, her stardom led her away from those who were her very first supporters” her Knoxville neighbors. Because of this, the pair sing about wanting to make their hometown proud and owning up to their support. 


This track is an anthem for anyone who has felt accepted and loved by those around them. Whether it was a sports team, a school, a club, or a certain location, becoming one with these aspects of life can bring a lot of joy and even more personal growth. Kelsea Ballerini and Kenny Chesney are able to look back fondly on Knoxville. They’re able to write an entire song about where they came from. The music video even takes it a step further, showcasing firsthand  moments that deserve recognition. 


Whether it’s wearing your high school sweatshirt, attending a football game, driving under the same bridge everyday, these are the little things that might get lost as you get older. They deserve the time to be appreciated, though. “Half Of My Hometown” lets you do just that,


As a single, the song plays like a folktale. You learn from it, lose yourself in it, and hold it close to your heart. If it can’t remind you of where you came from, it can remind you of where you can go. Finding a home, finding support, and finding love is a vital aspect of life. Kelsea Ballerini and Kenny Chesney understand that their lives and their heart is always halfway in Knoxville. It’s who they are to this day. Everyone deserves just a taste of that.

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