The Head and The Heart Pay Homage To Seattle

The Head and the Heart have had some amazing collaborations over the years, but Amazon is one of the best. That’s right, the indie rock band partnered with the global shopping company for their latest release. You’ve heard of women in stem, so get ready for bands in Tech.


The Legacy of the Seattle Music Scene

Seattle was HomeBase for the group for many years and it’s impeccable musical history shaped who they are today. Bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Soundgarden all hail from the Windy City. Going back there for a live performance was clearly a special moment. Their ability to recognize that and market it to their fans is impeccable and exciting.


Rivers and Roads: The Head and the Heart – Live from Pike Place Market is an Amazon film exclusive. The live album, aptly titled Live from Pike Place Market – Music From the Film, accompanies the release. Together, the film and album mark a special moment in the band’s career. It shows just how far they’ve come since the early days of their musical journey.


In a press release, the band explains just how meaningful this experience was for them from start to finish. “At the beginning of our journey as a band, a few of us would busk in a stairwell below the main entrance of Pike Place Market because the acoustics were free, our songs were tested via passers by and sometimes we would gather enough gifted cash to share a good meal.”


“Ten years later, in August of 2019, we found ourselves performing on top of this same market to tens of thousands of people – strangers, friends, close family and the many who have supported us along the way. Our band has gone through extreme highs and lows, experiences of joy and of loss and we’ve continued on, reminded that people change, bands change, the story deepens and widens, but a gratitude for the city that raised us up will never falter.”


The Head and the Heart: Back In Their Hometown

The band and Amazon were able to chronicle this hometown show and all of the emotions that came with it. Watching and listening to the live performances depict true passion and intimacy.


The band was adoring every minute of the 2019 Pike Place Market show just as much as the 30,000 fans in the audience. 


The alt band is so much more than hit songs. (Although, No. One singles, “Honeybee” and “Missed Connection,” are featured in these releases.) They are the amalgamation of hard work and genuine support. 


Their friends, family, and the location itself in the heart of Seattle, play an integral role in the band’s decade of success. The documentary footage, on stage moments, and songs themselves put that on display. 


From the very first song that they wrote in Seattle to their self-titled debut to their most recent album, Living Mirage, The Head and the Heart have put everything on the line for their music. Working with Amazon to tell this story, alongside the songs that made them a band, is beyond powerful. 


Fans can tune in to the movie or listen to the record through Amazon Music or Amazon Prime Video. It is both a must-watch and a must-listen for anyone looking for an alternative rock break and timeless tracks to rock out to. Not to mention, the level of inspiration found within the mesmerizing film and album is incomparable.


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