“KAYTRAMINÉ” Is The Perfect Summer Soundtrack

Portland-born alternative rapper Aminé and two-time Grammy-Award-winning producer Kaytranada merge musical niches on KAYTRAMINÉ. Since his raunchy and charismatic breakout single “Caroline” in 2016, Aminé has released four studio albums. His consistency and steady improvement proves he is still hungry to create. Prior to the May 19 release of KAYTRAMINÉ, the rapper and producer duo released singles “4EVA,” featuring Pharrell Williams, and “Rebuke.” The singles were met with praise, and fans were eager for more from the lively duo. 

On the other hand, Kaytranada is a genre-bending producer with collaborations from the likes of The Weeknd, Kali Uchis, Shawn Mendes, and Mary J. Blige. Kaytranada collaborates for the first time with Big Sean, Amaraae, and Freddie Gibbs on KAYTRAMINÉ. 

Portland-born alternative rapper Aminé and two-time Grammy-Award-winning producer Kaytranada merge musical niches on KAYTRAMINÉ.
Credit: Kaytranada and Aminé on KAYTRAMINÉ Album Cover. Photographer: Conor Cunningham

KAYTRAMINÉ Are A Match Made In Heaven

Aminé sets the tone for the project on the funk, hip-hop opener “Who He Iz” with some cocky lines and his harsh opinions regarding his rap counterparts. “When we drop, you other rappers know what’s the outcome / We make heat sh*t, y’all make weak shit / KAYTRAMINÉ in this b*tch, smokin’ on your album.” 

KAYTRAMINÉ delivers explicit, bold, and braggadocious bars over jazz-infused rap, alternative hip-hop, R&B, and trap instrumentals. Aminé even dabbles with Afroswing on the groovy melodic “Sossaup,” featuring alternative pop singer Amaraae. Kaytranada creates a soundscape of moody atmospheric sonics for the track. 

Another suave banger from KAYTRAMINÉ is “EYE” which contains lavish, fuzzy synths and a solid verse from rap legend Snoop Dogg. Then, the duo strikes again with the standout, Big Sean-assisted track “Master P.” Both tracks give insight into Aminé’s life before fame and how that molded him into the driven, sometimes cocky individual he is today.  

The second track, “letstalkaboutit,” is equally arrogant and includes an audacious verse from Freddie Gibbs. Gibbs matches Aminé’s energy rapping, “When I had my baby, I f****d all of the nurses (Yeah),” he proudly raps.  

“Best Rap Album” According to Aminé

Aminé is unapologetic, foul-mouthed, and straight to the point in this project. Often he recites comedic raps about sex, but it doesn’t always come across in a sensual way, like in the track “UGH.” The subject matter throughout KAYTRAMINÉ does not vary all that much from raunchy lines about intimacy. 

Aminé addresses his haters and two-faced people on the closer track “K&A.” The chipmunk soul style track can explain why people create facades and become bitter towards others. Aminé raps:

“Can’t be your true self while seekin’ validation / Gotta learn to let go, that’s infatuation / I said, can’t be your true self while seekin’ validation (Why, why) / Gotta learn to let go, that’s infatuation.” 

As far as how Aminé feels about his competition and haters – he’s unphased.

“Okay, rappers, wrap it up (Yeah) / KAYTRAMINÉ, best rap album, competition none (Yeah) / ‘Underrated,’ they tryna act like I ain’t drop seventy-one (Yeah).”

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