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Katelyn Tarver drops “Starting To Scare Me”

Tarver dropped a new single and it’s emotionally raw.

Katelyn Tarver dropped “Starting To Scare Me!” The indie-pop singer dropped the song on last month on all music platforms. The music video was announced on Twitter: “Spooky song needs a spooky video…Starting to Scare Me music video is out!!!”

Katelyn Tarver announces music video for her latest single on the official Twitter account

The song “Starting to Scare Me” was a self-reflective songwriting process, very emotional for Katelyn. In her interview with The Luna Collective magazine, she spoke about how she wrote the song: “I had a lot of songs about this self-reflection journey…trying to sort of make sense of my life and who I am, who I want to be.

Katelyn Tarver drops new single "Starting To Scare Me"
Katelyn Tarver in the music video to her latest single “Starting To Scare Me”

“Starting To Scare Me” is a raw song with an electronic type of beat that includes gut-wrenching lyrics. Katelyn, in the same interview with Luna Collective magazine, shared that “a lot of the lyrics for “Starting to Scare Me” I just wrote down, kind of like free writing. Like, I’m exploring the sort of angry, rage-filled emotions and just kind of [writing] the lyrics down … and [I] took those lyrics into the session.” The outcome was honestly very impressive. Her radiant voice added a breathtaking beauty to the mix of bold lyrics and raw sound.

Katelyn looks gorgeous in an old photoshoot of hers.

Katelyn Tarver’s career timeline.

Let’s take a walk through the highlights of her career. Katelyn landed the recurring role of Jo Taylor in “Big Time Rush” in 2010. That was her breakthrough in the entertainment industry. In 2017 and 2018, after co-writing a song for British artist Cheryl, she released her long-awaited EP’s “Tired Eyes,””Kool Aid” and “Subject to Change.” In 2023, she has released the singles “What Should Be Good” and “Starting to Scare Me.” Music Daily writers can’t wait to see what new projects she has in mind for us and her fans next!

Katelyn Tarver expresses gratitude to her fans’ support towards her latest single “Starting To Scare Me” on Instagram.

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