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Greta Van Fleet’s New Drop: “The Falling Sky”

Greta Van Fleet returns and drops their latest single, “The Falling Sky.” Anticipating the highly awaited upcoming album, Starcatcher. The single arrives only few weeks before the release of the new album by the American group from Frankenmuth, MI. Discover with us the new single and its integral position in the upcoming Starcatcher.

Back to the origins

“The Falling Sky” is Greta Van Fleet’s fourth single from their fourth album, upcoming Starcatcher. The single however has many characteristics connecting it to the band’s hard rock, Led Zeppelin-influenced debut.

The intro riff recalls multiple of the group’s previous drops. In particular, it brings the group back to their origin when their very similar “Safari Song” was dropped, undoubtedly cited in “The Falling Sky.”

However, the song doesn’t seem to add anything new to the inspiration and influence of the band. The rough aggressiveness of Greta Van Fleet’s debut album, 2017’s From The Fires, returns in their new release. The approach is however more mature and more intense, filled with all the experience the group gained since their debut album.

In opposition, the elegance of the previous album, The Battle At The Garden’s Gate, seems lost and faded in the years that passed from the release and the current year. The mystic and enveloping of the ambient drop that was the 2021 record album appears not to be the focus of the band. Not anymore.

What was maintained from their present release was the concept and theme. “The Falling Sky” is in fact a song about failure and rising up, carrying the band’s legacy from their previous socio-political album, The Battle At The Garden’s Gate. 

The band sums up the project:

“An unwavering warrior caring on the endless; eternal, and impossible battle for salvation; these were the elements of symbolism associated with this particular track. In essence our fate is sealed, alike the stars that fall from the almighty heavens to the earth. This philosophy is carried through in the story of a bluesman, at the crossroads of the universe.”. 

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