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Did “Down In Atlanta” Live Up To The Hype?

“Down In Atlanta” By Pharrell Williams & Travis Scott 

“Down In Atlanta” by Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott has finally arrived after being teased for months and postponed. Rapper Travis Scott gave a preview of the track on September 17 at the Zouk nightclub in Las Vegas. And the original release date was set for November 2, 2022. Now, on November 18, the time has come for us to hear the track in full. 

The pop, disco and dance infused “Down In Atlanta” by Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott marks the third official collaboration between the two musicians. You’ll hear Pharrell’s production on Scott’s “Flying High” from Rodeo as well as “SKELETONS” from ASTROWORLD. The producer also contributes to Scott’s smash record “Mamacita” as well. Williams’ signature is his four-count at the beginning of his beats.  

Not only is he a producer, but he is a singer and rapper as well. “Down In Atlanta” follows up single “Cash In Cash Out” with 21 Savage and Tyler, The Creator. The fun and unique track features a memorable verse from rapper Tyler, the Creator. It is unknown if these two tracks signify a new album from the producer. Although, Williams did in fact announce his own music festival Something in the Water 2023 will be returning to Virginia Beach, his hometown. 

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Lyric Breakdown

To resume, Scott nor Williams reigns from Atlanta, yet “Down In Atlanta” admires and explores the landmarks of the city. You’ll hear Travis shout out pub/bar The Graveyard Tavern, strip club Magic City, and rapper Fabo from Atlanta, GA. ​“I told shawty to bring the wave / You know life’s a beach / She said, “Life’s a bitch” / Let’s hit Magic City,” he raps. 

Scott brings his signature melodic sound to this funk-filled track. “We ain’t never been this high (High) / The city big, feelin’ small / Keep me wake, never off,” he raps in the chorus. Actually, we’ve heard him rap on this type of beat before with Calvin Harris’ “Prayers Up” and DJ Khaled’s “Don’t Quit.” And Scott’s flow and delivery on “Down In Atlanta” does not differ much from those tracks. The chorus on “Down In Atlanta” isn’t all that catchy, and does not quite live up to the hype. But let us know what y’all think in the comments below!

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