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Kali Uchis Finds Herself Again In New Track ‘Te Mata’

True to her word, Kali Uchis continues to stun fans with her latest Spanish track, “Te Mata,” off her upcoming album set to release in January of next year.

Sneak Peak Into Orquídeas

A few weeks ago, Kali Uchis dropped her fierce track, “Te Mata,” which is the most recent single from her upcoming Spanish albumOrquídeas. In a bold response to an ex-lover, “Te Mata” is a soulful track that depicts Uchis moving on from her past to a brighter future. It’s about defending your happiness, even at the deadly cost of others.

"Pues eso ya pasó, y esa ya no soy yo (Ah)
Si eso me hace mala, pues diabla es lo quе soy
Nunca vas a poder cortar mis alas (Uh)
Y eso es lo quе te mata (Ah)
Pues eso ya pasó, esa ya no soy yo (Ah)
Por fin estoy feliz, mis días ya no son gris
Por fin me di cuenta que me merezco mucho más (Uh)
Y eso te mata (Te mata)"

And here’s the English translation:

"Well it is what it is, that's not me anymore (Ah)
If that makes me evil, thеn the devil is what I am
You will nevеr be able to cut my wings (Uh)
And that's what kills you (Ah)
Well it is what it is, that's not me anymore (Ah)
I'm finally happy, my days are no longer gray
I finally realized I deserve so much more (Uh)
And that kills you (It kills you)"
-Translation via Genius English Translations
Kali Uchis
Retrieved from artist Instagram @kaliuchis.

In a show of strength and resilience, Kali Uchis’ “Te Mata” is about reestablishing your independence and growing from even the darkest of situations. Even at the cost of being perceived as the villain, Kali reminds herself that she deserves better. It’s a gentle reminder to put yourself first. After catering to someone else for so long, “Te Mata” reminds us that we must fill our own cup before serving others.

Uchis, known for her angelic vocals, delivers this message in a track that is sure to receive well-deserved praise and recognition. From beautiful melodies to a strong, emotional bridge, “Te Mata” is a stellar track that fully encompasses the range that Kali has as both an English and Spanish artist.

Between GRAMMY Museum spotlights to multiple Red Moon In Venus tours, Kali sure knows how to keep her fans on their toes. So, be sure to stay tuned to Music Daily for any and all updates on Kali Uchis and all of your other favorite artists! In the meantime, let us know what you think of “Te Mata” in the comments down below.

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