Kailee Morgue Released “Butterflies”

Going into last weekend,  alternative indie-pop artist, Kailee Morgue, released a sad beat, known as “Butterflies.” However, Morgue was allowing her sadness make her stronger as she displayed the use of witchcraft throughout the music video.

New Single Release “Butterflies” and the Music Video

The “Butterflies” video begins with Kailee’s friend calling her on an early 2000s landline phone shaped like a tongue. She then told Kailee that she heard from someone else that her boyfriend was with another girl at the mall. That’s when Kailee started to sing her song  about how the guy was not who she thought he was.

Verse one opens with “Bright boy, you’re not really a nice boy, I would have done anything you wanted.” Soon enough, Morgue turned to the internet and searched “how to hex your boyfriend” and then went to a crystal shop to get all the materials needed to do so. Witchcraft became trendy on social media over the last couple of years, especially on Tik Tok. Social media was likely influencing Morgue regarding her decision on how she was going to release the “Butterflies” video.

Morgue Finds Strength

Kailee Morgue released “Butterflies” and remained a strong character. Some may argue that because her act of witchcraft was a little vengeful that she was weak for that. However, her lyrics say “I never thought that I could live without you” and “Thank you for showing me who you are” meaning, she was relieved to know the truth about him. She simply just wanted him to have a taste of his own medicine after he decided to cheat on her.

This song is a valuable resource for someone who has dealt with betrayal from a significant other. Morgue demonstrated the importance of seeing someone for who they are, rather than looking at them through rose-colored glasses.

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