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Joe Jonas & Khalid Honor Veterans On “Not Alone”

Joe Jonas and Khalid join forces for “Not Alone,” the promotional single of Jonas’ upcoming film Devotion.

“Not Alone” Is From The Soundtrack of Devotion

Devotion is coming out in theatres on November 23. With less than 2 weeks left until its release, Joe and Khalid decide to unveil the lead single of the film’s soundtrack. Importantly, “Not Alone” arrives on Veteran’s Day, which is perfect for the occasion, given that the movie tells the story of two elite US Navy fighter pilots. 

Even more, “Not Alone” is a warm hug for all the families of veterans, and veterans as well. It gives them certainty that things will be alright. Although they are far from each other, they will always have the other present in their hearts and minds. “I didn’t give you the wings to not go fly / And don’t you know this ain’t goodbye / ‘Cause everything I am is who you are…You are not alone / I watch over you,” the pair sings.

Joe & Khalid Got Together For A Music Video

Along with the release of “Not Alone,” Joe and Khalid got together to film a music video. It matches the meaning of the song beautifully. Specifically, the video shows each of the singers performing their parts while also showcasing multiple veterans with their families. It serves as a reminder that they are respected and loved.

“We definitely spoke about the idea of shooting this video as a separation of my two passions from music and acting,” Joe said to People. “I’m not playing a character in this video, I’m myself. But we wanted the video to speak to the raw emotion of the song, so everything from the clothing to actually having one of the planes we used in the film.”

Further, Khalid adds about single “Not Alone,” “I’m very thankful that Joe reached out to me to be a part of this…“I think that the message is really special. The movie, he tells me, is incredible. I can’t wait to see it for myself. And this is just a beautiful experience all around. Good vibes, good people, good energy. And I can’t wait for you guys to hear the song and see the movie.”

Are you going to watch Devotion when it comes out? I certainly will!

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