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Lil Yachty and JID Make Art With ‘Van Gogh’

Lil Yachty and JID united as Blackkboyz to release the single “Van Gogh.” It comes out ahead of the Forever & a Day album release.

The song is produced by Cardo and written by JID, Lil Yachty, Cardo, Kay9, DJ Paul, and Juicy J.

This is not the only single recently released. The duo presented “Van Gogh” as part of a double-single release titled: Blakkboyz Present Half Doin Dope/Van Gogh.

The lyrics for “Van Gogh” address the topics of “fame, materialism, violence, personal experiences, and relationships,” according to These issues are common topics for both rappers, as their music tends to address serious issues.

Lil Yachty and JID’s Busy 2023

“Van Gogh,” as fans note in the YouTube comments, is a song about three to four years old at this point. The online fandom passed around several unreleased demos and remixes. Now, fans have the real deal: a well-produced track, legitimized by an official single release as part of a new album.

That is not to say this is the first release by JID or Lil Yachty in a while. In fact, 2023 is a highly productive year for both artists.

JID revealed to his fans via social media that the Blakkboyz album is not the only collaborative album releasing soon. He has another one on the way with Metro Boomin. He also revealed he has another project releasing before that. Regarding Forever & a Day, the rapper stated the album features 10 to 12 songs.

As for Lil Yachty, he recently released his solo single “Tesla.” Back in August, he released “Slide” and “SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY.” All singles were paired with accompanying music videos. Back in May, Lil Yachty announced a 39-stop world tour to promote the January release of his latest album Let’s Start Here.

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