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BabyTron Keeps Us On Our Toes In His Latest Album ‘6’

Quick-witted 23-year-old rapper BabyTron dropped a new solo project titled 6 on June 6, 2023 with 15 new tracks. The 2022 XXL Freshman is known for his goofy bars and nonchalant delivery. His new LP 6 sees James Johnson or BabyTron, flex his possessions and stunt on his haters.

Quick-witted 23-year-old rapper BabyTron dropped a new solo project titled 6 on June 6 with 15 new tracks.
6 Album By Babytron. @_babytron Via Twitter.

BabyTron Drops New Album 6

BabyTron shifts a focus to song structure as opposed to other projects, incorporating more hooks while often receptive. In addition, the subject matter remains synonymous. He starts off strong with the creative and braggadocios “100 Bars” where he challenges himself to rap a clever punchline for every number 1-100. “Four bullets holes into your cape, I catch you bein’ brave / Five seconds left up on the clock, I’m hittin’ buzzer beaters / Six bars for twenty-K, I just knocked out another feature / Seven seas how I’m drippin’, I create sauce.” BabyTron is all about hustle and making money in 6, titling himself the “G.O.A.T,” meaning “greatest of all time.”

Then, he addresses the haters for the following track on 6, “Eobard Thawne” named after a Supervillain appearing in American Comic Books. “Can you put your rap career on the coat hanger? / All you do is comment weird shit, you a pro hater / And the whole damn time, you a no-namer.”

The Shock Factor In His Music

Moreover, every track keeps you on your toes with jaw-dropping lines, sometimes corny. “Every time I see her I get ate, call her octagon / How I took off in this foreign whip, you’d think I shot to prom.” And for the most part he raps about women, drugs, violence and money. BabyTron also admits to dreaming about robbing a bank. 6 offers a glimpse into BabyTron’s unfiltered, savage thoughts and sense of humor. For example, he’ll rap a bar about veggies or lunchables, followed by a line about sipping lean, taking drugs or conquering his enemies. 

In the final track on 6, “Letters,” BabyTron is his most vulnerable writing a series of thank you notes. He expresses gratitude for money, weed, family and more. “This a letter to my family, happy that y’all proud / You know me and how I get, I couldn’t let y’all down (I couldn’t) / I told y’all school wasn’t the one for me / Now I post a venue, thousand people, they gon’ come for me.”

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