Jesse McCartney Has a “Party For Two” With His Soulmate

Popstar Jesse McCartney is back with new music. Last week, he dropped his newest single “Party For Two,” which he dedicates to his fiancée.

Jesse is Head Over Heels For His Fiancée

Jesse McCartney is really in the clouds. He finally found his “Beautiful Soul,” and he’s not afraid to show her off to the world. “Party For Two” is an amazingly sweet song that he wrote inspired by the day when he proposed to his then-girlfriend, Katie Peterson.

In the song, he explains exactly how the day played out, and how he had to hide the box with the ring somewhere in the house so she wouldn’t find it. “I know that we promised no secrets. But, I’ve been hidin’ something from you. Hid the box around the house so you wouldn’t see it. But, I think you’re gonna like when you do…’Cause a gold heart need a gold ring. And a good girl is a rare thing,” he sings.

New Album New Stage And Fall Tour!

“Party For Two” marks Jesse’s second song of the year, following up to “Kiss The World Goodbye,” released in July. His upcoming album New Stage is set for release on October 8, the same month he will be saying “I do!”

During an interview with Bustle, Jesse explained how he managed to hide the ring for a long time. “I hid [it] in my golf bag in the garage for like six months, knowing maybe that’d be one place she wouldn’t find the ring.” He also revealed that he is planning to serenade his soon-to-be wife at their wedding ceremony, but he won’t be actually performing “Beautiful Soul”. “If I did that, I think it would be the fastest wedding and fastest divorce known to man,” he says. “Our families are well sick of that song at this point.”

On November 4, Jesse will hit the road for the New Stage Tour, celebrating the album’s release. The tour will kick off in Austin, TX, and will conclude in Los Angeles, CA on December 8. So mark your calendars! A full list of dates and tickets can be found here. 

If you like “Party For Two,” check out FINNEAS’ latest track “The 90s.”

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