Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler Are Back Again

Nobody does indie pop like Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler – and brent ii proves that once and for all.  

An EP for the Ages: Brent II 

A match made in musical heaven, Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler have returned with a new EP. Titled brent ii, the EP is a five song release that follows up their last EP, aptly titled brent   In 2019, this indie-pop pairing came to be and were quick to shake up the music industry. Together, the globally known Jeremy Zucker and up-and-coming Chelsea Cutler created something beautiful. Many songs off brent were featured on worldwide streaming playlists and alternative stations. It also featured “you were so good to me,”  the lead single that recently went platinum.    That one song has 270 million streams on Spotify alone, proving the enticing chemistry between Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler. Every listener could feel it then, and now a second EP later, their bond is stronger than ever.    The lead single off Brent ii, “this is how you fall in love,”  was released at the end of January. With 14 million streams and counting, fans were quick to love the duo’s latest collaboration.   This mid-pandemic record meant quarantining and searching hard for inspiration. Travelling to a secluded upstate New York cabin, the pair safely recreated what they did to write their first EP. This charmed cabin did it once again for Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler, because brent ii is a stunning sequel to brent.  

The Inner Workings of Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler

Both Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler have a distinct voice, but one that complements the other’s flawlessly. Their sound is romantic at times, but also chill and serene. Fans will never catch them missing a beach or passing up a chance to harmonize.    Each song of theirs, as a duo or soloist, is within the bedroom pop genre, but is still in-depth musically. There are always memorable vocal runs and intricate patterns detailed on the piano or an acoustic guitar. With lyrics that tell a story and voices meant for storytelling, both brent and brent ii are mesmerizing journeys.    On the topic of brent ii, Zucker spoke fondly of the piece and working with Cutler in a press release. “for chelsea and i making ‘brent ii’ was an important reminder of why we love making music, especially during such a difficult year. it has been almost 2 years since this first ep, and i think that project really set a standard for us and our fans. i’m extremely proud of ‘brent ii’ and think it shows fans a lot of personal and artistic growth from both of us, while keeping things in the same world we created with ‘brent’.”   Cutler felt the same and warmly added into the conversation, “making ‘brent ii’ was so special for jeremy and i. we knew exactly what we wanted to accomplish heading upstate new york for this project. ‘brent ii’ feels like a warm hug, and we hope it gives listeners comfort during this tumultuous year. we’re so proud of it and can’t wait to share it with the world.”
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