Suki Waterhouse Drops New Single “To Love.”

Cover art for Suki Waterhouse's new single "To Love"

Suki Waterhouse announced her new single “To Love” after her fantastic accomplishments last year. This is her first release of 2023 after her EP “Milk Teeth” back in November, and her viral single “Good Looking” in August. On March 3rd, fans got a taste of the song they thought would be on Waterhouse’s upcoming album. Luckily, she released it early. Her albums are filled to the brim with enamor and heart; “To Love” builds on Suki’s brand of feminine melancholy and energized lyrics.

Suki Is In Her “To Love” Era

Now I found myself this kinda love/ I can’t believe it/ I’ll never leave it behind/ I thought I’d never get to feel another fucking feeling

Excerpt from the final verse of Suki Waterhouse’s new single “To Love.”

Is it a song? Is it a religion? It’s a lifestyle. “To Love” is Waterhouse’s way of telling us she cannot contain the feeling anymore. That meditative feeling as you look back on your life and realize how happy you have become. Waterhouse definitely has lingering heartbreak from her previous albums, and yet, Waterhouse ushers this new era forward. “While the world’s falling apart, you make it easy to love.” Through her angelic voice and layered harmonies, the ethereal artist is almost in disbelief. As someone in a similar situation–coming from my sad girl era to finding love–I resonate with that awe-struck emotion. Suki’s song has something for everyone: echoing guitar riffs, soft piano opening, and a beautiful tone.

I felt like it is a very distinct portrait of my heart right now that I wanted to share,” Waterhouse said. “I started performing it on tour and got so excited that I wanted to share it with everyone.”

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A New Single and New Episodes of Daisy Jones and the Six

The Amazon miniseries “Daisy Jones and the Six” premiered March 6th with Riley Keough starring as the main character Daisy Jones, along with Suki Waterhouse, Will Harrison, Sebastian Chacon, and Josh Whitehouse to fill out the rest of the band.

Capture from Amazon miniseries "Daisy Jones and the Six"

Suki Waterhouse is also starring in new series, in addition to working on her music and releasing her new single. How she does it all is a mystery. Suki Waterhouse plays Karen Sirko, the Six’s keyboardist, so lately we’re seeing that three years of work has finally premiered. The women of Daisy Jones recently interviewed on the Kelly Clarkson show, and we can see the pride of accomplishment and comradely shining in everyone’s eyes.

New episodes for the show drop on Friday!

Stream Suki Waterhouse’s first single of the year! “To Love” is now out on all platforms.

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