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Jamila Woods Unveils Her Latest Single, “Tiny Garden”

Tiny Garden

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, artists like Jamila Woods shine brightly. This artist is carving unique paths with their creative prowess. With a distinct blend of neo soul melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and a penchant for storytelling, this poet and singer-songwriter has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. Woods once again proves her mastery in crafting deeply resonant sonic journeys on her latest singel, “Tiny Garden.”

The Chicago-born artist described “Tiny Garden” as “an ode to the way [her] heart works…slow and steady,” on her Instagram. The single features artist, duendita, whose angelic harmonies supplement the song to create a rich blend of ethereal voices. Jamila consistently pushes the boundaries of her artistry. “Tiny Garden” serves as continuation of her musical exploration as she embraces new genres. 

Water Made Us

Jamila released her latest single in July in anticipation of her third album, Water Made Us. With both of her two previous album releases received critical acclaim. Woods has generated much excitement for her third album’s debut on October 13th. 

Jamila Woods’ dedication to her craft goes beyond the music itself. With behind-the-scenes snippets, brainstorming sessions scribbled on notebook paper, and insights into her collaborations are regularly shared on her Instagram. Woods keeps it candid with her 77,000 followers. As she teases her third album with a series of dazzling underwater images featuring knee-length braids floating behind her. This artist knows a thing or two about capturing an audience.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Woods has established herself as a prolific poet. Her works are featured in multiple anthologies centered around Hip Hop, female empowerment, and Black femininity. A notable renaissance woman, Woods utilizes her distinct sonic palette to explore numerous facets of Black identity throughout all of her artistry. 

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