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James Bay Unveils “Everybody Needs Someone”

English singer-songwriter James Bay released his latest single “Everybody Needs Someone,” as the follow up to May’s “One Life.”

James’ Third Album Leap is Coming

James Bay’s new studio album is coming sooner than you think. The pop singer’s third album, Leap, is arriving on July 8! That’s right, it’s right around the corner. The album will include a total of 12 songs, and we have already gotten 3 of them: “Give Me The Reason,” “One Life” and now, “Everybody Needs Someone.”

“Everybody Needs Someone” is the Last Offering

As always, James’ music is true to himself, honest, and meaningful. In “Everybody Needs Someone,” he reveals that there are times when he feels lonely and wishes that someone was there to keep him company, which is something that we all need during hard times. “All I want. Is someone when the night is long. Half a lonely soul to make me whole. ‘Cause everybody needs someone,” he sings in the chorus.

“I love this song so much,” James says. “I know in hindsight that despite lots of fun work and touring back in 2019 I wrote this song because I was feeling lost and alone. The feeling came like a quiet tidal wave. It really threw me around for a while. But thanks to the people closest to me in my life, I made it through that time. They know how to hold me up when I’m down. I hope you all love this song too.”

James is Celebrating With a World Tour

To celebrate the release of Leap – James’ first album in 4 years – he is hosting an intimate acoustic record store tour across the UK this July. But, don’t worry if you’re not there or simply can’t make it! In August, he’s crossing the pond to come over to the US for a headline tour, which he will then take to Europe and the UK later in the year in November. To check out all of his tour dates and to get your tickets, visit


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