December 06, 2022

▶ Featured Artist: Remi Wolf


This week’s feature artist Friday is the ever-colorful, Remi Wolf! This queen is an American singer-songwriter from California.  She is a rule-bending pop artist who grows every day. 

The Start of Remi Wolf

Some of you may recall Remi from the audition rounds of American Idol. She was on the thirteenth season back in 2014. That was definitely only the beginning of Wolf’s booming ever-growing popularity. 

First forming a band as a teenager, she was ready to fully commit her time to her passion for music at age 16. Then, prior to finishing college, Wolf met producer, Jared Soloman. “Guy” was THE track released which caught the eyes of Still Woozy.  Can you imagine Remi’s excitement over the invite to be their opening act?

She released her first EP after graduating from college.  Her debut album, Juno, was released in October 2021. You’re A Dog! back in October 2019 caught the attention of a major record label.  Island Records signed her in 2020. 

Remi Wolf liz

Remi’s funky-pop song “Photo ID” went viral on TikTok. She released a remix of the song featuring Dominic Fike.  That track now has 2 million views on Youtube. 

Rolling Stone UK described her album as A major debut for a tremendous emerging artist.

Remi’s World

Hop onto Remi Wolf’s website! It is perfectly designed, interactive, and as colorful a place as she is! First, you find her music and videos there. There is colorful and well-designed merchandise to shop for too. Find info on Remi’s concerts to plan a night out as well. There are direct links to Remi’s Instagram and other social media through the website as well. 

Remi is on tour now with a variety of US and Canadian and International shows available below on BandsInTown: 

Wolf traffics in a colorful brand of pop that incorporates other genres. Listen for funk, disco, left-field, and lo-fi bedroom pop influences. The ever-developing artist has a long career ahead of her.  We can not wait to see the different styles and collaborations coming next. Make sure to keep an eye out on her!



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