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Jake Miller Gives Fans a Special Experience on the “8 Tattoos” Tour

Singer-songwriter Jake Miller recently finished his last tour 8 Tattoos across the United States, and he took the opportunity to give fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Jake Gives Fans Something to – Permanently – Remember on the 8 Tattoos Tour

Jake Miller has been in the music scene for a decade. He released his debut EP Spotlight in 2012, quickly followed by his debut album Us Against Them in 2013. This album put him on many people’s radars, with hits like “Collide,” “My Couch,” and “A Million Lives.” But he has grown as an artist since then and demonstrated it while on the 8 Tattoos tour.

While on this tour, Jake didn’t miss the chance to make it one to remember. Taking inspiration from the tour’s name, he decided that he would give a limited amount of fans the opportunity to get tattoos before the show. He hired a professional tattoo artist to travel with him across the country, and have the fans who previously registered for a spot get their favorite Jake Miller lyrics tattooed. Isn’t this super cool?!


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After all the tattoos were finished, it was time for the show to start. Jake brought rising artist HARIZ along with him to every stop, and I got to see pop band Yam Haus as well for the Chicago stop. Both of these artists were amazing, and definitely gave the audience what they wanted just before Jake was set to hit the stage.

A Super Extensive Setlist!

Jake performed an extensive setlist with 22 songs in it. He made sure all of his biggest hits since the start of his career were included, up until the most recent ones. He kicked off the night with “8 Tattoos,” an excellent choice given that it’s the song that gives the tour its name. The song made the audience get excited for the night ahead. You could hear that they knew every single word of it, even if it had just been released two months prior.

Jake Performed Some Newer Tracks

“WAIT FOR YOU,” “NIKES,” “Keep Her” and “15 MINUTES” were next. All of these songs were released in 2019, except for “Keep Her,” Jake’s latest single released in early August. Fans jumped and sang during these performances, especially on “WAIT FOR YOU,” (this is one of my personal favorites.)

Making Us Get Nostalgic

Just then, it was time to slow things down. Jake performed “Drinkin About You,” “Overnight,” “COULD HAVE BEEN YOU” and “Think About Us” next. These songs are very special. They reflect a hard time that Jake had a few years ago when going through a hard breakup. Nevertheless, he made sure to give his best during these performances and connect with his fans, who could also relate to the songs’ lyrics.

Time to Dance!

After crying for a little bit after these songs, it was time to bring the energy back up. “Rumors,” “The Girl That’s Underneath,” and “Dazed and Confused” did the job just right. These are some of Jake’s most upbeat tracks, and will always make you be in a good mood and want to dance. If you don’t believe me, try it!

Welp, Now We Cry

Like I mentioned before, Jake didn’t forget about his oldies but goldies. He performed “A Million Lives,” which made a lot of fans in the building cry (me included.) This performance was special because it was the first tour he played the song live in many years. Nevertheless, it was like he never stopped playing it. Everyone knew all the words to the emotive single.

And Dance Again!

“Selfish Girls,” “First Flight Home,” “Lion Heart” and “Collide” brought us all the way back to 2013. These songs represent an era when Jake was experiencing the pop-rap scene, and boy, was he killing it! These are all bops. Hearing them live was something else – nostalgic but energetic at the same time.

Jake Ended the Night With a Ten

To end the night, Jake performed the more recent songs “Click,” “I Forgot About You,” “Ross and Rachel,” and “Saved Me.” These tracks are hopeful and make us realize that we need to live in the present and don’t worry too much about the future. Jake made sure that fans left the building with a good taste in their mouths, and fans were surely grateful for it! Overall, it was an amazing night to remember. 

During the concert, he said that he might tour again next year. So, keep your eyes open for any announcements! 

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