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Jacquees Drops ‘Sincerely, For You’ With 21 Savage, Future & More

Self-proclaimed “King Of R&B” Jacquees, released his newest project on December 26, Sincerely, For You produced by the rapper Future. 

Self-proclaimed “King Of R&B” Jacquees, released his newest project on December 26, Sincerely, For You produced by the rapper Future. 
Sincerely, For You By Jacquees Album Cover.

Sincerely, For You By Jacquees

The vocalist behind the 2017 smash hit “B.E.D.” Jacquees, released his first full-length LP since 2019’s Christmas In Decatur. Distinguished artists Summer Walker, 21 Savage, Future, 6LACK and more feature on Sincerely, For You. Overall, the project touches on themes of self-awareness, romance, heartbreak, and sex.  

Writing His Wrongs 

In the first track “Sincerely For You (Intro)”, Jacquees writes his wrongs in a love letter to a girl. He regrets his actions, realizing the damage he has done to her. “Oh, how I admit, I was trifling / I was drinking and thinking I was invincible (Mmm) / I was drinking and thinking that I could have you both,” Jacquees sings. The R&B singer faults his infidelity and shortcomings in the relationship to ego. And Jacquees apologizes for the lifestyle he succumbed to. In the intro, he holds onto hope for reconciliation, wondering if his ex still cares for him. 

A Cocky Side

However, Jacquees’ emotions take a drastic turn on the album, as he showcases a cocky and coldhearted side post-breakup. “You’re the reason why-y-y / Heart cold, ain’t got no fuckin’ feelings / Slimmin’, baby, gon’ have no businеss,” Jacquees sings in “Reason Why.” His attitudes on love shift, as he now blames his current ways on his ex. In addition, he sings about hastily spending money at the strip club and on designer fashion. Perhaps, Jacquees adopts a lifestyle full of money, women, and possessions as a distraction from a broken heart.  

A Vulnerable Side

Considering, Jacquees reminisces on the honeymoon phase of his past relationship on tracks “Start Over” and “Tell Me It’s Over.” He wishes they could start again as best friends before it went sour. In addition, Jacquees recalls in detail the first time he and his girl were intimate on “I Remember.” 

Furthermore, he is clearly still recovering from heartbreak on the spacey “Tell Me It’s Over” with Summer Walker and 6LACK. “F****n’ with each other for so long it gets to me / I’m reminded by the signs that we just aren’t meant to be (Mmh),” he sings. Jacquees, Walker and 6LACK want their lover to say it’s over, but without actually saying it, because the words hurt too much.

Even more, him and his fellow toxic king Future explore their vulnerable sides. The producer of the album joins the singer for the mellow R&B tune “When You Bad Like That”. The duo shows a sweeter side of themselves, praising their women. Jacquees claims he knows how to treat a woman right on “Woman’s Worth,” and her man cannot compare. “I see your n***a ain’t been puttin’ in no work (Nah) / Come get what you deserve,” he sings. 

Sincerely, For You Ends With Grief And Gospel

Lastly, Jacquees concludes Sincerely, For You expressing grief for the loved ones he has lost. “I wish God could open Heaven gates (One more) so I could see your face one more time (One last time) / ‘Cause I’m lost without you, can you give me a sign?” Jacquees and John P. Kee sing in “One More Time.” He longs for the times he came home to his grandma’s soul food in East Atlanta. And his friends who have passed made him realize that loyal people don’t come around often. The touching tribute includes a powerful speech from gospel singer and minister John P. Kee. 


Sincerely, For You is a display of the cocky, vulnerable, romantic, and heartless sides of Jacquees. Is his love letter worthy of a response from his ex-lover? And, will she respond? 

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