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Jack Duda Gives Us Groovy Surf-Gaze with “why why why”

Jack Duda Via Instagram : @jackdudamusicJack Duda, the 21-year-old from, Burlington, Vermont is TikTok’s favorite indie rocker.  With ease and comfort to his music, his tracks are endlessly listenable.  With that, Duda has a strong list of collaborators in his contact list with only four releases to date.  Notably, the multi-instrumentalist has worked with producer Sam Ricci (Kendrick Lamar / SZA) and songwriter No/Me (cobalt).  With over 2.1 million likes on TikTok, the LA-based artist has songs circulating throughout every music lover’s feed on the platform.  Ever since his 2020 debut single “Just Friends” the artist has only been growing that fanbase.

Jack Duda Takes Us To The Beach

Now, after a slow trickle release of songs including “Stay Home Stay Safe,” “Honey Bee” and “Butterfly,” Duda returns with another for his upcoming EP.  “why why why” is the name of his newest single which is expected for his EP 50%.  In this track, Duda builds on his acoustic forward sound with creamy vocals.  “why why why” is 60’s SoCal.  The production on the song, done by him, is simple with an upbeat bass-line that flutters in the bridge.  Further, the Surf-Gaze song is breezy with Duda’s well-selected guitar chords.

The nostalgia glowing from the track is led by Duda’s vocals.  The dreamy sound of his voice adds to the blissful emotion coming from the production on the song.  Jazz influences sparkle from the track as he doo-waps in the background.  It’s playful and reminiscent of the Beach Boys.  Lyrically, Duda sings of wanting to enjoy the California life that influences his sound.  “Please, please, let me f*ckin be” he pleads.  It is a carefree irritance that Duda has in this track.  Moreover, he just wants to enjoy the sounds of his voice.  Definitely, Jack Duda delivers “why why why” with the type of blazé energy radiating from beachy Southern California.

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