December 06, 2022

J-Hope Releases Newest Single “MORE”


J-Hope has just released his newest single “MORE,” which is from his upcoming solo album, Jack in the Box.

J-Hope Continues to Give Fans “MORE”

BTS member J-Hope has wowed fans with his newest single, “MORE.” Dropping both the song and music video on July 1st, J-Hope certainly kicked off this month with a bang.

jhope more

Jung Hoseok, better known by stage name J-Hope, is a rapper, singer, producer, songwriter, dancer, and more. Known as “sunshine” to ARMY, BTS’ fans, J-Hope shows fans another, slightly more unhinged, side to him with “MORE.”

The song begins with a hip-hop beat, which is no surprise to ARMY. J-Hope’s love of hip-hop has only grown through the years. It’s been apparent in his solo songs and mixtape. However, the chorus quickly shuts down every assumption fans had about the single. The hip-hop beat is still there, but J-Hope sings in a very garage band-esque way, with electric guitars furthering that punk rock sound. When the chorus ends, the extra instruments die down and listeners are left with the hip-hop beat.

In the second verse, J-Hope sings, “My work makes me breathe, so I want MORE.” This lyric sums up the entire song. The artist knows he’s a star, knows fame and money come with making music, and knows those things aren’t everything. He lives to make music and accepts that doing so brings more with it. J-Hope ends the song with, “I’m still (not enough),” indicating that he’s nowhere near done with music.

J-Hope is credited as one of two of the song’s writers, lyricists, and composers. Check out “MORE” below!

‘Jack in the Box’

Aside from releasing “MORE,” J-Hope will also be performing at Lollapalooza. While ARMY was hoping the artist would perform songs from his first mixtape, Hope World, they’re now looking forward to performances of songs from Jack in the Box. The album will be released on July 15th, two weeks before he headlines Lollapalooza.

hope-jackinthebox album cover

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