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The Electric Excellence of Gorillaz’ “Cracker Island”

After wrapping up Song Machine about a year ago with the last Episode, fans (me, I’m fans) have been waiting for the next step. The wildly creative direction Gorillaz has been going on since Song Machine can be felt in their latest release. ‘Cracker Island’ is a phenomenally produced track with plenty of world building for the world of virtual band: Gorillaz. Let’s dive in. Shall we? 



Electric Excellence and Creepy Lyrics: 

I can’t express just how happy I am with this song. There’s such a wonderfully charged and bouncy rhythm built upon an electric opening. 2D’s vocals are still iconic and lyrically, this one’s a creepy one. Gorillaz are known for their, at times off-putting world building or imagery, this one however feels a bit more tangible. Going on about a cult and 2D paying his soul after being seen as “the chosen one” is just spooky. Reminds me of some of the world building tracks off of Twenty One Pilots’ Trench

As for the backing vocals by Thundercat, they’re awesome too. Simple and sweet is what I’d call this song overall. There’s nothing that feels like it shouldn’t be there or like too much is going on. It’s a song that follows the production philosophy Gorillaz established in Song Machine: only make what you need and make every piece fundamental. 

Overall, absolute banger. Feel free to check out the official audio by clicking the image above. That’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.

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