Indigo De Souza Comes Alive in “Smog”

Ahead of her third album All of This Will End, Indigo De Souza released “Younger & Dumber” in February. Now, she lets her audience into her mind with the emotional, reflective track “Smog” on March 8th.

De Souza’s newest track: “Smog”

Though “Smog” is upbeat, it has confrontational lyrics such as “I bury everything / I want to face it head-on / But it’s so easy to turn away.” When asked about the meaning of the song, Indigo De Souza responded “‘Smog’ is mostly about that strange time [the COVID pandemic] and how it felt in my house, alone,” De Souza said. She “was in an emotional state that felt like a cross between delirious joy and a real tired hopelessness.” 

De Souza’s indie rock music covers themes of depression, questioning, longing, and self-worth. However, many of these themes become hopeful on Indigo’s next album. 

The music video for “Smog” reflects this strange loneliness by starting out with De Souza being an outsider in a gas station. However, once she invites these people to dance with her, we can see that these feelings of anxiety ease away. Similarly, De Souza notes that this upcoming album is inspired by a newfound sense of community. “Up until recently, my life felt chaotic,” she says. “Now, so much of the chaos is behind me. I have an incredible community, I love where I live, and I’m surrounded by truly incredible people who are dedicated to deep connection and joy.”

All of This Will End album artwork by De Souza’s mother

The next album represents a “brighter space”

All of This Will End seems like it marks a transitional phase of life for De Souza. Cool colors can be seen in the artwork of her first two albums, which symbolizes her mental state during that time. She used to favor these colors. Now, her next album displays reds, oranges, and pinks. De Souza says this change “feels really good” and “I feel like I’m in a brighter space and the album came from a brighter self.”

All of This Will End will be released on April 28th. To catch Indigo De Souza on tour, check out her official website for tickets. 

Stream the two pre-release singles below!

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