Love You Later is the “Girl With Headphones” in New Song

Lexi Aviles – better known as Love You Later – is back with her new single “Girl With Headphones,” almost a year after releasing its predecessor “Keepintouch.”

“Girl With Headphones” is Introspective

Love You Later is back! It’s been a year since we last heard a new song from the Nashville-based singer-songwriter, and the new track is all we could have asked for. Following her classic dreamy, introspective lyrics and a blend of indie rock and electronic pop influences, “Girl With Headphones” will be the new song you’ll have stuck in your head.

“Girl With Headphones” talks about not feeling like you’re in the right place, and wondering if you’ll ever be okay with just being yourself. “Wonder if I’ll ever feel the way that I used to. I wanna be okay even if I have to lose you. If life is a patter pulling my hand. I’m ready to be on the opposite end,” Love You Later sings.

“‘Girl With Headphones’ is about feeling out of place, like you’re the only one living in your world,” Love You Later shared. “Things were feeling very dim at the beginning of this year and it made me think about how when I was kid I would feel like the main character in my own indie film, staring out the window of the passenger seat and romanticizing everything the world has to offer. There’s a true vulnerability and weight in this song as I pretty much admit I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. The song also comes with a sense of letting go and realizing maybe that’s what’s stopping me from being truly happy. ‘Girl With Headphones’ is about me, the main character, experiencing what it feels like to grow, let go, embrace the unknown, move on and return to myself. It’s a cathartic rollercoaster.”

Love You Later’s New EP is Coming in May

The new track is only a taste of what’s coming for Love You Later. Her next EP, From The Window Seat, is actually coming out on May 5th. We can’t wait to see what else she has been working on!

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