Icon For Hire Are Back With New Album “Amorphous”

The modern-rock band conformed by vocalist Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump just dropped their fourth album Amorphous

Digging Deeper on Amorphous

Amorphous describes that feeling of finding growth in the midst of incredible discomfort and embracing the process even when it stings. That seems to sum up what the entire world has been feeling as of late. Ariel explains, “These songs have been lovingly recorded throughout quarantine, and we’ve labored over every lyric, every note, trying to perfectly capture the essence of what we want to share with you. The high-energy rock tracks, the soaring anthems, the emotional ballads-it’s all here. Our guitarist Shawn Jump co-produced it with David Thulin, and we are fortunate enough to work with Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me the Horizon) on mixing, mastering by Howie Weinberg (Twenty One Pilots).

The band released four of the singles in the album prior to the Amorphous release. These include ‘Curse or Cure,’ which was the lead single of the album, ‘Seeds, ‘Last One Standing,’ and ‘Waste My Hate’. Just recently, the band also dropped their first music video for a song post-album release, ‘Brittle.’ The band talked about ‘Brittle’ and what it means to them. “‘Brittle’ is one of our personal favorites on this album because it has so many elements that we love to play with-the intimate vocals, vulnerable lyrics, a soaring chorus, and pop production sprinkled throughout. It’s an emotional start to the album.”

Icon For Hire Got Personal

They also talked about what the most personal songs in the album are, and what their meaning is. “‘Panic Attacks’ is one of the most personal songs on the album, and tells the story of Ariel’s personal battle with anxiety. In the song, she’s going back and forth as the voice of her inner child, and her grown-up self trying to ignore that inner voice. This is the most hip-hop-forward track on Amorphous, and we want to do more of this on future projects.”

“‘Background Sad’ explores the struggle of having been working on yourself for a long time, and wondering if you’re getting anywhere at all. The lyrics are asking, “Am I always gonna just be background sad?” That’s something we’ve wondered a lot, as we try to encourage our audience to hold on and stay strong, but sometimes hopelessness overtakes us anyway.”

Finally, “‘Warrior’ is meant to make you feel unstoppable and help you take a moment to celebrate how far you’ve come. We worked on it with lots of different producers, making it bigger every time. We are so proud of how this song turned out!”

This is an album that touches on very different topics and it’s definitely one to listen to, especially for rock fans. If you haven’t listened to Icon For Hire yet, what are you waiting for? Go listen to Amorphous available everywhere now!

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