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How Dora Jar Became The Opener for Billie Eilish

Dora Who?

Dora Jar

Dora Jar, an up-and-coming musician opened for one of the biggest artists in music today, Billie Eilish. Now you’re probably thinking who, what, how? Well the alt-pop singer-songwriter had no idea she caught the attention of the grammy-winning artist. Until, Eilish reached out to her via Instagram direct message, expressing her love for Jar’s music. As a matter of fact, Billie posted a video of Dora performing “Garden”, one of her emotional tracks, stating “Dora my angel, you make me cry every time.” 

Dora Opens For Happier Than Ever Tour 

Subsequently, Eilish adored the singer-songwriter enough to invite Jar to open for the Happier Than Ever Tour. Jar opened Billie’s tour for seven dates of the first U.S. leg. This included two nights at Madison Square Garden; an arena hosting some of the biggest events in history. The stadium was filled with more than 15,000 fans per show. Dora went from performing at small venues to a sold out show at Madison Square Garden. Pretty impressive right?

Dora Jar’s Artistic Abilities 

Above all, Dora Jar has the talent and music worthy of this amazing opportunity. Not only does she have ethereal melodies, but her ability to tell a story is immaculate. She captures the feelings and emotions shared by many, and transforms them into fascinating poetic lyrics. Jar approaches songwriting in her own unique way, with mysterious scenarios and metaphors. Her lyrics allow for dissection, adding meaning and depth within her music. Also, Dora’s soothing melodies and meaningful lyrics are accompanied by captivating visuals. 

Dora Jar’s Rise To Fame

Nevertheless, she started as just a 20-year-old living in Poland, uploading videos of her original songs to Instagram. Eventually, one of her videos would reach producer Felix Joseph, who would become her frequent collaborator. The top tier production took her music to the next level. Billie Eilish would then come across her 2021 debut EP Digital Meadow. And the rest is history. 

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