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Hip Hop Til Infinity Event Coming to NYC

Hall des Lumières in New York City is offering an immersive experience dubbed “Hip-Hop Til Infinity: An Immersive Trip Across 50 Years.” The experience opens on July 27th and is running until September 17th. It is one of the numerous ways New York City is celebrating 50 years of hip-hop music.

Ticketmaster states the following about the experience:

“Take an immersive trip through 50 years of Hip Hop in a larger-than-life experience. This emotive digital installation will transport you through different eras and regions – from the parks to the stage to the internet. A carefully curated visual and audio process with credible partners will capture Hip Hop’s storied history.”

Managing Director of Hall des Lumieres Tim Ceci also spoke about the experience:

“Hall des Lumières is honored to host this commemorative installation celebrating such an important cultural milestone. It’s exciting to offer this experience to our guests, something totally unique from our previous two exhibitions, and we’re grateful to our partners at Mass Appeal and SUPERBIEN and Certified for their collaboration.”

Learn More About the Producers

Mass Appeal is an entertainment company that is also producing Hip-Hop 50 Live. SUPERBIEN is a creative studio originating out of Paris. They are in partnership with Certified by Sony Music Entertainment, which is the company’s hip-hop-focused platform.

Sony describes Certified as the following:

“We’re here to celebrate music that shaped a culture. R&B, among the most influential genres of all time; and Hip-Hop, which seamlessly transitioned from a grassroots form of expression to a mainstream genre with staying power and global appeal. With exclusive access to Sony Music Entertainment’s (SME) archives, Certified comes to you with access to rare and unreleased albums, singles, remixes, photos, and video footage from iconic SME labels like Jive, Loud, Ruffhouse, J Records, Arista, LaFace, So So Def, Profile, RCA Records, Epic, and Columbia—all to help tell stories that emphasize the undisputed classics of Hip-Hop and R&B.”

Tickets are $45/per person and are available via Ticketmaster.

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