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Hazel English is in Love on “Summer Nights”

Australian-American alt-pop artist Hazel English released her new single “Summer Nights,” landing as her first track of the year.

The EP Summer Nights Comes Out on June 17

“Summer Nights” is actually the title track of Hazel’s upcoming EP Summer Nights, set for release on June 17. The EP arrives in collaboration with Jackson Phillips (Day Wave), who will also serve as producer.

“Jackson and I have such a great flow when it comes to working on music that it was easy to essentially pick up where we had left off.” Hazel shares. “Our process together is very quick and fun, with no second-guessing. I also think the pandemic and time at home got me thinking a lot about my past and remembering high school experiences and those kinds of feelings that were so vivid at that time. So I found myself writing lyrics that were inspired by some of those experiences and then I kind of created a whole new story out of it.”

The Title Track is Dreamy and Sunny

To make fans excited about the new EP release, the single “Summer Nights” offers a fresh, sunny vibe that is all about love. In the song, Hazel expresses feeling deeply in love with a special person, and she cannot wait to make things official with them. “Summer nights with you. Talking ’til late, under the full moon. If something doesn’t happen soon. I’m gonna go crazy ’cause you. ‘Cause you make my heart croon,” she sings in the chorus.

Hazel describes “Summer Nights” as “a song about the intoxicating feeling of developing a crush on someone. I thought it would be interesting to explore the buildup of tension sonically because to me, the anticipation is the best part.” I think we can all relate to that feeling!

Hazel’s last full-length project was 2020’s Wake UP! Since then, she released the singles “California Dreamin’” and “Nine Stories” in 2021. We can’t wait to see what she has been working on since! So, mark your calendars – Summer Nights, the EP, comes out on June 17.

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