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Hayden James and Bob Moses Release “Do You Want Me”

On Friday July 7th, Australian DJ Hayden James and EDM duo Bob Moses released their new single “Do You Want Me.” The song is long awaited given the two artists were excited about collaborating. At the same time knowing they had a summer hit on their hands. With the lyrics and the warm muted baseline synths, the track puts its listener into great emotion and euphoria. A typical characteristic of Hayden James music. As the release came just in time for the festival season, a song like this is difficult to put together. Especially with its heavy and delicate layers, making the dream collaboration even more depth defying. 

According to Electronic Groove, the two artists commented on the collaboration, Hayden James saying, “I’ve spent most of the year writing in the studio and I’m so excited to finally share my first release with you all. Bob Moses and I got together a handful of times to write the song, and it just came together so quickly. The song feels like a great representation of both of us. I hope you love it.” Moses also told Electronic Groove, “We’ve known Hayden for a bit and had thought about working together before but never got around to it. Though when the window opened, the track quickly came to life out of a few sessions. Hayden is a lovely guy and we had fun with the process.” 

As all three artists got their start in the mid-2010’s, they have had quite a few hits throughout the years.  James has released two albums thus far, Between Us in 2019 and Lifted as of last year. Bob Moses on the other hand has four albums and six EP’s. The duo is also currently on tour, James set to go on another starting in August. Amidst excited fans, hopefully their new single can truly become a summer hit.

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