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Harry’s House Breaks Vinyl Sales Record

With the release of his most recent solo album “Harry’s House,” pop icon Harry Styles broke vinyl sales record. In fact, in the United States only, the long-awaited album sold almost 525,000 copies.

A sales-breaking record

Harry Styles
Lillie Eiger / Courtesy of the artist

The album, third and last release of the singer’s solo trilogy, was one of the most awaited and promising album of 2022. And its results show how fans couldn’t wait to complete the trilogy, adding Harry’s House to “Harry Styles” and “Fine Line.”

Harry’s House vinyl sold almost 150,000 copies within three days from the release. Styles surpasses the previous record owner Taylor Swift, who got her supremacy through “Red” (Taylor’s Version),” the 2021 remake of her 2012 fourth studio album. The new version of the album broke previous single-week sales records when it came out.

Harry Styles the record breaker

Harry Styles’ new album didn’t only break Swift’s first week sales record, but also it set an ARIA Chart record. In fact, every song from Harry’s House LPs entered within the top 15 of their singles chart. Moreover, 13 of his song are part of the Top 15 in a week.

Moreover, not only Harry’s House, but also his previous trilogy’s solo LPs debuted at number one when they came out. Both his 2017 self-titled album and 2017 Fine Line reached the number 1 position of the Billboard 200.

In the US, the album sold almost 525,000 copies in the first week. Even outside of US, the album reached the top position as it debuted. Only Adele surpassed Harry Styles’ record between Harry’s House release date and the previous 12 months. In fact, less than a year ago, on November 25, 2021, Adele reached a even higher selling-record. In fact, with her album 30 she sold almost 850,000 copies in the first week.

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