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Harry Styles Stars in 2 Upcoming Movies: “The Policeman” and “Don’t Worry Darling”

A performer in all the arts, Grammy-award and pop icon Harry Styles is starring in not one, but two new movies this year—the extremely anticipated “My Policeman” and “Don’t Worry Darling.”


You Already Know Who He Is …

Harry Styles has been on a roll in the world of the performative arts. The zany “Watermelon Sugar” performer has always put on a show wherever he goes, from his intense energy singing on stage to his incredibly distinctive fashion.  From his boyband days in “One Direction” to a solo artist today, he is an undisputed fashion and pop icon in today’s celebrity sphere.


And he hasn’t stopped at just music. Harry Styles has been crossing over his music creativity with film. Starring in the critically acclaimed Nolan film “Dunkirk” in 2017, the MCU has also introduced Styles’ in a mid-credit cameo in 2021’s “Eternals.” 


Now, he has made a HUGE leap as the leading actor in both “My Policeman” and “Don’t Worry Darling!” 

harry styles movie

New Movies, New Thrills

In a trailer for “My Policeman” released just this September, Styles plays the part of an unfaithful gay husband, who is having an affair with another man. From the action-packed scenes, the mid-1900 British atmosphere and the themes of gay romance, this film has tons of drama, drama, drama! 

Styles’ second film, “Don’t Worry Darling,” is more akin to a psychological thriller, with some people commenting its similarity to a “Black Mirror” episode. Set in a “utopian” city, suspicions and the strangeness of their environment leads to a suspenseful, action-packed drama that definitely got the audience excited. The film premiered during the Venice International Film Festival, and after the movie finished, the movie received a 5-minute standing ovation. 


…and New Drama

However, critics have not been kind to either of the movies, as the ratings for “The Policeman”’s are around 30%. Many people had a lukewarm response to Styles’ acting, with some people saying he acted very well to others saying he was not able to be up to par for truly emotional scenes. 


And of course, the biggie: “Don’t Worry Darling”’s incredible slew of controversies and drama. Essentially, it’s a massive feud between director Olivia Wilde, lead actors/actresses Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, and Shia Lebeouf. It really devolved into Wilde v.s Pugh and Lebeouf, and the masses have denounced Wilde as a liar who misconstrued much of the drama. And unfortunately, Styles’ relationship with Wilde did indirectly complicate matters, even though he wasn’t really in the drama himself. 


Oh yeah, you heard that right, Harry Styles is in a relationship with the director of the movie he’s starring in. Talk about drama! 


But all in all, Harry Styles’ seems to be resilient and is able to push past the drama. In a performance after the Venice International Film Festival, he was still able to meet his fans in an enormous concert with dignity and swagger, making a quick joke about how he was looped into the drama. Harry Styles is an adored artist that definitely still isn’t done yet, and we are excited to see his new ventures in the future! Check out Harry by clicking here! 

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